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Annual Report 2018

Together not alone … these are the words we choose to describe the year 2018 at Living Hope NGO. We are thankful for the fellowship and conviviality we experience each single[…]

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Newsletter Easter 2018

“We have Easter every day, we just celebrate it once a year.” – Martin Luther “The Lord is risen! He is risen indeed!” – with these phrase people all over[…]

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Summer 2016

In this newsletter we want to introduce the different camps and projects which took place during the summer and we want to give a short outlook to the things planned[…]

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Day Care Centers in Ukraine

Day Care Center

“Mostly the young visitors come from excluded families and face a lot of difficulties in everyday life.”

Family Support Center

“In May 2009 we opened our Family Support Center in Suworovsky district in Odessa. This center aims to support families, children at school age in difficult life circumstances.”


“In October 2013 our third day care center for socially excluded children, youngsters and families was opened after a half year period of reconstruction.”

Voluntary service

Over the years volunteering has been incorporated into the work of our NGO. Voluntary work is not very popular in the countries of the former Soviet Union, that do not have the same traditions of volunteering as Western or Northern European countries.


Kids’ voices

If it were not for the foundation I and my brother would live in a boarding school.


10, Odessa

I like the day care center very much, because it gives me a good future.


13, Odessa

In that place I am able to relax. That is very important, because I cannot relax at home.


15, Odessa


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